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Posted on Wed, May 04 2022 13:40
by alain2B
Joined on Mon, May 11 2015, Posts 9

Hello everyone.
In Studio One 5.5 and VSL Synchron Player (VST3) as an instrument track.
How do I record the keyswitches 'live' along with the notes and then play them as sound variations?
The only mode in which I can use the keyswitches live is 'use enable sequence' but S1 does not record the keyswitches.
If I use the 'enable key switches' mode, the keyswitches do not work live (they work with the VST2 version of Synchron Player).

What can I do?
Thank you for your help.

Posted on Fri, May 06 2022 07:31
by ravez
Joined on Sun, Apr 24 2011, Posts 43

you need to set it to "enable keyswitches" and type the keyswitch you want for the sound variations in the sound variations editor, so you can trigger them

Posted on Fri, May 06 2022 12:34
by alain2B
Joined on Mon, May 11 2015, Posts 9

Ok, thanks. But I need to type copy every keyswitch manually for every instruments.
('input' keys are not populated automatically in the VST3 plugin version, only 'activation sequences' are)

The only way I found is

1. use VST2 version of Synchron Player
2. record notes and keyswitches live
3. replace Synchron Player VST2 by VST3 version
4. convert keyswitches into sound variation (right click)
5. edit notes/lanes with sound variations

Not very comfortable, isn't it ? Is there another way ?

Posted on Fri, May 06 2022 16:48
by ravez
Joined on Sun, Apr 24 2011, Posts 43

i'm not an expert so i'd like to know as well.

i haven't found a way to use synchron player in studio one yet.

the best option to me so far is to trigger my sound variations using macros (at least the main ones like sustain, legato etc), then edit the recording on a note by note basis for attack and release for example.

But the way sound variations work in studio one seem flawed to me when working with synchron.

For example if you have a a long sustained note that has soft attack and it starts as non vibrato going to molto vibrato with cc20, when it transitions to molto vibrato it will snap back to normal attack... unusable.

Also VST2 seems broken to me, if i record anything it will record my velocity and speed as curves as well, so my performance will be baked into curves. In VST3 this doesn't happen, which is how it should be.

VST AU has no GUI so unusable.

So i too would like to know how anybody manages to work with Synchron in Studio One.

On top of that any time there is a sound variation change my playhead freezes and skips so impossible to record cc curves..

Only way to get it working smooth is using VEP, but some of the issues still apply.

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