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Crackling noise!!!
Last post Fri, Oct 07 2005 by rawmusic, 7 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Sep 28 2005 16:55
by Tone
Joined on Sat, Jun 05 2004, Posts 38
I'm getting crackling noises each time I play and record. This only seems to happen when the sequencer is running.

Is this a known problem?

Using VSL pro ed. logic pro 7 on G5 2ghz dual pro. 2gb memory

Posted on Wed, Sep 28 2005 17:17
by Inteleky
Joined on Wed, Jun 15 2005, Los Angeles, Posts 66
I had a very similar situation. Check this post out.

Posted on Wed, Sep 28 2005 18:29
by hetoreyn
Joined on Sat, Nov 27 2004, Vancouver, British Columbia, Posts 1159
Hmm. I get this in logic when I'm simply running too much through it. I have a dual 867mhz G4 and I push about 46 exs24 VSL instruments through it ... also running reverb and stuff... so yeah the initial playback is none exsitent .. have to keep pushing play and when it stops giving the "Could not processor audio in time" error ... push play again.

Until finally it behaves and pplays properly. However when I try to record melodies on certain instruments the sound is totally broken up, but the signal is recorded okay .,. and usually on playback it's okay.

So what I'm saying is that for me this crackling problem occurs cos of the amount of processing I'm asking my poor little mac to do. Your G5 really should be able to handle this. So I'd say have a good look at your ram .. perhaps it is defective .. even perhaps the problem could lie with your second processor (though there'd be other problems with your mac if that were the case).

Best idea .. though it's a pain in the ass .. reinstall Mac OS and everything, though you might wish to take out the ram modules and see if the crackling occurs with certain ones running in the machine.

Mac Pro 2013 - 3.5 ghz, 32 Gig RAM (Master)
27 inch iMac i5 2.7 Ghz 16 Gig RAM (Slave)

Pro-Tools 12 (Native), Mbox Pro 3
Logic ProX
Notion SLE

VI Pro, VE Pro, MIR, Vienna Suite, Omnisphere, Slate Digital Plugs.
Posted on Fri, Sep 30 2005 04:41
by Craig Sharmat
Joined on Wed, Oct 16 2002, Woodland Hills, Posts 416
It could also be happening as your audio is not syncing up quickly enough. The problem does not lie with VSL. You may wish to try optimizing your settings within Logic.
Posted on Fri, Sep 30 2005 09:04
by cwillsher
Joined on Fri, Mar 04 2005, Southampton, UK, Posts 210
This may not be directly related to your problem, but for what it's worth:
I get serious crackling through a firewire interface attached to my Powerbook. It sounds just as it would if the disk wasn't streaming fast enough, lots of regular clicks.

I find that just replugging the firewire device and restarting the DAW cures it. It is annoying though, you just never know when it's going to strike.

Posted on Tue, Oct 04 2005 12:06
by Tone
Joined on Sat, Jun 05 2004, Posts 38
Yeah, I think you might be right hetoreyn, although I have 2Gig of ram installed I'm running a quick time movie along with all the plugins.

One thing I have discovered that resolves the crackling noise is to remove the matrix reverb and replace it with something that uses less memory like the adverb but it's only a temporary fix.

another sign of not having enough ram is that some of my VSL instruments have started to loose pitch (where the notes don't coincide?) in the end I had to start a new arrangement with not as many VSL instruments and copy the midi events from the old song into the new one. Has anyone else had this weird pitch problem?

Thanks for all the advice so far

Posted on Fri, Oct 07 2005 10:52
by rawmusic
Joined on Sat, Jul 09 2005, UK, Posts 247
increasing the disk buffer size can also help. anything that takes some of the stress off the machine. Whilst it is a pig to play in with serious latency going on, your machine will run more smoothly at close to its limits.
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