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Gong - Sound combinations

Because the sounding note has a precise pitch it can be used to color a melody or the overall sound of the orchestra. It should always be used sparingly, however, because it is highly conspicuous.

Gong + other percussion instruments

A good blend of percussion instruments is achieved especially by those with a deep and dark sound such as the bass drum, tam-tam etc.

However, the gong can also add bass to groups of high mallet-played instruments such as the marimba, the vibraphone, etc.).

Gong + brass instruments

Deeper brass instruments blend relatively well with the gong, their timbre becomes darker or more majestic.

Gong + woodwinds, strings

When a gong is played at a low dynamic level (p), a degree of blending is possible with low woodwinds such as the bassoon and with the low strings, such as the cello and the double-bass.