Bolero Maurice Ravel 14:23
"Rite of Spring" Part 1 complete Igor Stravinsky 15:15
"Rite of Spring" Part 2 complete Igor Stravinsky 17:52
Adventures on Earth John Williams 9:50
Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis Ralph Vaughan Williams 16:59
Holberg Suite - Prelude Edvard Grieg 2:34
Adagio For Strings Samuel Barber 10:02
Anaheim Appassionatas Christian Kardeis 1:04
In a sentimental mood Duke Ellington 6:18
Quiet City (Trumpet) Aaron Copland 9:35

VSL Playlists

String quartet op. 59/3 - Finale Ludwig van Beethoven 5:44
Symphony in Bb major Wq 182/2, 3rd mvt. Philipp Emanuel Bach 4:56
Lohengrin - Prelude Richard Wagner 8:44
The Planets: Neptune, the Mystic Gustav Holst 8:21
Tristan und Isolde - Liebestod Richard Wagner 7:07
Planets - Jupiter, the bringer of jollity Gustav Holst 7:48
Largo and allegro Dmitri Shostakovich 8:12
On the Town - Times Square 1944 Leonard Bernstein 4:44
Adventures on Earth John Williams 9:50
Turandot - Nessun Dorma Giacomo Puccini 3:03
Symphonic Dances - Prologue Leonard Bernstein 2:06
"Rite of Spring" Part 1 complete Igor Stravinsky 15:15
"Rite of Spring" Part 2 complete Igor Stravinsky 17:52
Contemporary Jewels
Human Pulse Kuno Schmid 1:47
Evasion Amit Poznansky 1:49
Crazy Chase Gerrit Wunder 1:54
Somewhere Over The Horizon Maarten Spruijt 4:51
World Song Miklos Power 3:27
Latomie Giancarmine Arena 3:14
Journey to Greatness (Fanfare trumpets) Rob Elliott 4:47
Warbird versus Farragut Scott Taylor 3:43
Age of Light - Overture 7:55
Finding Peace Christof Unterberger 3:45
Taste of Fear Matt Mariano 3:12
Best of Bacos
Paradise Express Guy Bacos 5:13
Rhapsody for a Lost Soul Guy Bacos 5:40
The Tennis Match Guy Bacos 5:24
The Sorcerers Hollow Guy Bacos 3:27
Obsession Guy Bacos 2:54
Harmonics Effervescence Guy Bacos 2:24
Fantastic Island Guy Bacos 4:02
The Floating Coral Leaf Guy Bacos 4:33
The Garden Rendezvous Guy Bacos 2:43
The Chess Game Guy Bacos 5:52
Mourning - Cello & Orchestra Guy Bacos 8:34
Soft Skies Guy Bacos 3:18
Falling Stones Guy Bacos 3:47
Venturesome Cello Road Guy Bacos 3:54
The Bull (Horns) Guy Bacos 2:46
The Elf Fairy Guy Bacos 1:44
Perpetuum Mobile Guy Bacos 1:30