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USB Protection Device

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USB Protection Device

The ViennaKey is a USB protection device by eLicenser that is required to run any Vienna Symphonic Library product. It is not included in any library or software product but has to be purchased separately. If you already have another eLicenser USB protection device (e.g., from Steinberg or Arturia), you can use it for VSL products, too. Otherwise we recommend ordering at least one ViennaKey along with your first purchase.

What’s more, for the time being, you’ll receive a free €20 Voucher with every ViennaKey order.

With the purchase of any eLicenser USB key you benefit from a 2 year hardware warranty (valid from purchase date, covers keys that are damaged without extraneous cause).

To protect your valuable VSL licenses against theft, loss or any kind of damage, you can get a Vienna Protection Plan.


You can use one ViennaKey for all of your Vienna Symphonic Library products, as long as you run them on one single machine. Of course you can distribute Vienna Instruments Collections as you wish over several computers, e.g., Strings and Woodwinds on computer A and Brass and Percussion on computer B. This will require two ViennaKeys. Working with VSL products on more than one computer simultaneously requires one ViennaKey (with the respective licenses) for each computer.*

Use the eLCC software (eLicenser Control Center) to download your licenses onto your USB protection device after you’ve received them with your Serial Number Certificate or via email. Later on, you can also move the licensing information from one ViennaKey to another, but you can’t store the same product license on two ViennaKeys at the same time.

Before you start, please make sure you have installed the latest eLCC software, which you can download from the eLicenser website, free of charge. Don’t forget to register ALL of your eLicenser USB Protection Devices at MyVSL. This applies to ViennaKeys as well as to eLicenser USB devices not issued by the Vienna Symphonic Library!

* You may set up a network of two computers with one license of Vienna Ensemble Pro on one ViennaKey. Provided you don’t run any VSL products on your main computer (DAW), and your networked computer runs Vienna Ensemble Pro along with your other VSL products, you only need one ViennaKey holding all your VSL licenses for the networked computer.