Vienna Protection Plan


Vienna Protection Plan

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Vienna Protection Plan

  • Protect your valuable VSL licenses for one year
  • No downtime when reporting a ViennaKey as lost, stolen, or broken
  • Simple and straightforward

Please read our FAQs for more information on our future transition to the iLok License Management platform. You will also find current information in our Forum.

Did you ever worry about what will happen when you were to lose your ViennaKey, or if it breaks or gets stolen? Worry no more!

For a fee of €30 per ViennaKey, the Vienna Protection Plan will cover your valuable VSL licenses for one year, no matter how many licenses are stored on each ViennaKey! No downtime for you, no more worries!

This is how it works:

  1. Order your Vienna Protection Plan.
  2. Insert the ViennaKey with the VSL licenses you want to protect. Activate your protection in the eLicenser Control Center by entering your Activation Code and start the usage period. The VSL licenses on this ViennaKey are now protected.
  3. We’ll let you know before your plan expires.

What if my ViennaKey breaks, or if I lose my key?

  1. Your licenses are safe. Report your lost, stolen or broken ViennaKey here .
  2. You’ll receive a 50 hours Vienna Emergency License RIGHT AWAY. The 50 hours refer to working hours, e.g., if you work 5 hours on one day, you have 45 hours left.
  3. You need a ViennaKey to store the Emergency License on. If you don’t have a spare ViennaKey on hand, order one here or pick one up at a Vienna Authorized Dealer.
  4. An operator will look into your case. You’ll receive permanent replacement licenses for the VSL licenses stored on the damaged/lost/stolen key as soon as possible.
    Free of charge!
  5. Your lost/broken/stolen ViennaKey will be disabled and cannot be used anymore. Your Vienna Protection Plan is now used up.
  6. Buy a new Vienna Protection Plan for new coverage.