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Vienna Instruments Series - Video Demos

VI Series Walkthrough Videos
Holst: The Planets - Neptune, Walkthrough by W. Kersten 5:35
Le Dernier Voyage - Walkthrough by Michel Ramillon (FR) 11:49
Principles of Orchestration - Tutorials by Corrado Trabuio
Combine Ensembles and Solo Instruments, by C. Trabuio 7:31
Balancing your string sections, by C.Trabuio 11:15
Picking the right articulations, by C. Trabuio 8:01
Combine strings, woodwinds and brass instruments in unison, by C. Trabuio 5:01
Quick Start Videos
Product Registration and License Download 3:14
Product Installation Guide 2:20
How to use the Directory Manager (OS X) 3:08
How to use the Directory Manager (WIN) 3:11
Vienna Instruments Video Tutorials
Setup Guide 8:47
Overview 6:46
Organizing Vienna Instruments 4:58
Customizing Vienna Instruments 4:08
Velocity XFade and more 5:52
Preset Settings 2:54
What´s new? An overview for experienced users 7:58
Introducing the VI / PRO Remote App 4:47