Inspired By Passion

The Vienna Symphonic Library® is a research-driven music software and sample library developer based in Vienna, Austria. The company was founded by Herb Tucmandl in October 2000. Since then, more than 10 million samples of nearly every instrument of the symphonic orchestra, choir and more have been recorded and published. With over seven terabyte of high resolution sound, it is by far the largest sample database ever created by a single company.

Vienna’s finest musicians invest their life-blood into recording samples that incorporate their passion for music and their instrument mastery. Likewise, our software developers strive to improve the ease-of-use of our tools and the authenticity and musicality of the results. Music creation shouldn’t be limited by technology or influenced by the computer know-how of the user. Technology should enhance the flow of musical ideas and simplify the realization.

Even with all these achievements, what really counts is the music. Our goal has always been to create the most advanced virtual instruments to help composers, orchestrators and music producers realize their visions, get their ideas across and make themselves heard. We’re humbly and thankfully listening to the music that our worldwide community of users creates. In our passion for music, we continue to innovate, inspire artists and excite them to transform their musical ideas into reality.

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