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Vienna Instruments Collection

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Water. Metal. Glass. Stone.

The instruments of this Collection are also available as SYNCHRON-ized Elements, re-edited, improved and optimized for the Vienna Synchron Player.

Some very archaic elements are used here for sound production. This Collection offers exciting instruments such as the bass waterphone, the 5-octave lithophone and the XXL tam-tam. The waterphone is an unusual, evocative instrument with a diameter of 14 inches and is considerably larger than the waterphone used in the Percussion Collection. The more unusual sonic possibilities and a wider variety of colors are achieved by the additional sounding rods, their increased length, the larger opening and a bigger resonating body with more water. The oversized XXL tam-tam, with a diameter of more than 65 inches, was treated with all the tricks of the trade, with a special nod to Stockhausen’s opus “Mikrophonie” and others. It was struck with metal rods, cardboard and jigsaw blades, hit and rubbed with chains, and manhandled with fly swatters, an egg cutter, and even a massaging rod. The bottles contained in this Collection are blown – with articulations such as sustains and flutter tonguing. The Elements Collection also features musical glasses, a glass harmonica and a verrophone.

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