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Vienna Instruments Collection

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This VI Overdrive library is powered by the Vienna Instruments Pro player. It is also available in the Collection SYNCHRON-ized Plucked Instruments, completely re-edited, updated and optimized for the Vienna Synchron Player.

Imagine a brilliant guitarist playing absolutely fluid legato solos and awesome power chord grooves on a world-class guitar: You can hear it from various guitar legends – but could you expect that level of performance from a sampled guitar?

OVERDRIVE makes it possible by means of the revolutionary Legato Performances, one of the most intriguing outcomes of Vienna Symphonic Library’s years of sampling experience. Create your own authentic and unique riffs, exploit the limits of technical feasibility, and get a completely real tube sound performance for the first time ever!

OVERDRIVE contains about 6 gigabytes of samples, including Vienna's unique Performance Elements, featuring a seven-string distorted guitar. Along with various short and sustained notes, power chords, slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, picked notes, and more, you get loads of effect samples like octave runs, feedbacks, scratches, and e-bowed notes – for a smooth, fat sound and unbelievably realistic performances! Incidentally, repetitions and sustains start at B0 on the lower end, extending the range of a standard guitar down a 4th!

The state-of-the-art gear used to make Overdrive was hand selected to provide the perfect total distortion sound, including a fantastic 7-string solid-body guitar, and classic amplifiers and cabinets, mic’d and recorded in Vienna’s Silent Stage.


  • Steve Vai signature, 7 strings
  • Brunetti XL II R-EVO
  • Marshall 1960 TV monitors, 4x12
  • Ernie Ball 9 – 52 strings
Sample Amount 12,264
Download File Size 3.1 GB
Installed File Size 5.2 GB