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Synchronized Series Collection

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Celebrating the Art of Whistling

This Collection brings the performances of the VI Series Vienna Whistler to the powerful capabilities of the Vienna Synchron Player. The entire sample database was re-edited, updated and optimized for Vienna’s proprietary sample player to achieve improvements in terms of authenticity, usability and flexibility.

Marcus Schmidinger, an acclaimed horn player who contributed to the VI Series Collections Brass I, Brass II and Epic Horns, is also a virtuoso art whistler with an incredibly homogenous timbre over a range of approximately two octaves. He was recorded in our second studio, the Silent Stage, a recording facility with a tight, controlled ambience specifically designed and built for recording samples. The short ambience of this room allows for placement of the whistler in any virtual acoustic environment.

Using the Synchron Player’s reverberation and placement presets you can place the whistler at several spots (left, center, right) in the large hall of our very own scoring stage, Synchron Stage Vienna, with options such as close, classic, and distant.

By turning off the internal convolution and algorithmic reverb of the Vienna Synchron Player the whistler can be placed in any virtual acoustic environment, from dry closely miked settings to large halls, from the authentic natural rooms provided by Vienna MIR Pro 3D to artificial reverb and delay effects.

The SYNCHRON-ized Whistler Collection includes a wide variety of articulations that have been enhanced by Vienna’s engineers. It offers a variety of short notes, long notes with and without vibrato, legatos and fast legatos, portamentos, glissandos, trills, bends, falls and much more.

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Crossgrade price for registered users of VI Vienna Whistler €10

The discount also applies when you purchase VI Vienna Whistler at the same time as SYNCHRON-ized Whistler, in one order.
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