• Solo Strings I Trailer
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  • Banjo and Fiddle
  • String quartet op. 59/3 - Finale
  • Panonnian Sextet
  • Crisantemi
  • Short piece for strings
  • Brandenburg Concerto no. 3, 1st mvt.
  • Brandenburg Concerto no. 3, 2nd mvt.
  • String quartet, 2nd mvt.
  • Death and the Maiden

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Vienna Instruments Collection

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The most detailed solo strings collection

The instruments of Solo Strings I are also available as SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings, completely overhauled, re-edited and optimized for the Vienna Synchron Player.

Christian Eisenberger, Katharina Traunfellner, Rubén Dubrovski, Martin Deuring. These four soloists have invested their life’s blood and hard-won experience (from many years of international concert work) into this Vienna Instruments Collection. Sensitive and clear, exact and homogeneous, their performances are technically perfect and utterly convincing in their musicality. Not only are these fine musicians in command of their instruments but, after several years of working for the Vienna Symphonic Library, they also know exactly what is required of them to create ideal samples. Their performances at the Silent Stage come alive again in this Vienna Instrument Collection.

Solo Strings I contains articulations such as “zigane”, the leisurely “smeared” portamentos, which are particularly impressive as Interval Performances with the Vienna Instruments player engine’s algorithms. Additional “harsh” articulations are performed with an especially raw, almost brutal attack, and are now available as superbly effective Interval and Repetition Performances. There are also special Performance Trills, repetitions in spiccato and ricochet articulations, sustains with fading vibrato, ponticello, sul tasto, and numerous natural and artificial harmonics.

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