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Vienna Instruments Collection

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This Volume features additional articulations for the string, brass and woodwind instruments included in the Special Edition Volume 1.

As a user of the Special Edition Volume 1 you may quickly and conveniently add articulations you find very useful to improve the variability of your orchestrations. These samples are not included in the Special Edition Volume 1, but have been specifically selected for this collection. For example, while the solo violin’s articulations in the Special Edition Volume 1 include staccato, détaché, sustained, sforzato, tremolo, pizzicato, legato and portamento, the PLUS Volume supplements these with the addition of the following articulations: Short détaché, fortepiano, snap-pizzicato, col legno, half and whole tone trills, Repetition Performances (legato & spiccato), fast repetitions (150, 170, 190 bpm), artificial harmonics (staccato & sustain), and ponticello (staccato, sustain, tremolo). The instrument groups of the Special Edition Volume 1 PLUS are also available separately as individual Sections.

Please note that the Special Edition Volume 1 PLUS contains some Matrices that resort to Patches from the Special Edition Volume 1. The prior installation of the Special Edition Volume 1 is therefore required in order to load these Matrices.

Included Instruments

Solo violin
Solo viola
Solo cello
Solo double bass
Violin ensemble (14 players)
Viola ensemble (10 players)
Cello ensemble (8 players)
Double bass ensemble (6 players)

Concert flute
French oboe
English horn
Clarinet in Bb
Bass clarinet

Triple horn
Horn ensemble (4 players)
Trumpet in C
Trumpet ensemble (3 players)
Tenor trombone
Trombone ensemble (3 players)
Bass trombone

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