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  • Sonata in d minor K-141
  • Gavotte and Variations
  • Mysterious Barricades
  • Two Part Invention in F major
  • Italian Concerto
  • Brandenburg Concerto#5-3rd mov
  • Miss Marple Theme
  • Violin sonata No. 6, Adagio - Allegro

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The harpsichord (German: Cembalo) has a famously bright sound, rich in overtones. Typically a Baroque instrument, the harpsichord has played a minimal role in classical and romantic music. In modern literature, however, it has been rediscovered by a broad range of musicians, and is also used poignantly and effectively in film and TV music. In our own Silent Stage, the following single notes and repetition performances of a two manual harpsichord were recorded: 8' register solo, 8' double, and tutti (a combination of two 8' registers and one 4' register).

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