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SYCHRON-ized Special Edition Bundle
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  • Chloe's Daydream
  • Sonder
  • Under the Big Top
  • Persian Market Chase
  • The Lost Heart
  • Peacefully at Camp
  • After the Storm
  • Night on Bald Mountain

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Large-Scale Orchestra Packages at Entry-Level Prices

Our Starter Editions offer large-scale orchestra packages and much more in resource-saving, affordable products. All sounds work perfectly in a variety of musical styles, from pop and rock environments to mysterious soundscapes and to large symphonic arrangements.

NEW: Synchron Prime Edition

The Synchron Prime Edition gathers the essential instruments and articulations of our highly successful Synchron Series into one affordable and resource-saving collection. With only 70 GB on your drive encompassing the gigantic sound of Synchron Stage Vienna, this powerful all-in-one package is easy to use, versatile and fun to play!

The Synchron Prime Edition provides you with everything you need to create stunning orchestral arrangements with breathtaking realism and pristine sound packed with emotion.

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Special Editions: Extensive, Flexible & Modular

The SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions offer a re-edited, improved and expanded sample database of the VI Special Editions, powered by the new Vienna Synchron Player.

You may select from seven VOLUMES and two PLUS VOLUMES with additional articulations, our you can buy them altogether at a reduced bundle price. If you expand your Special Editions with Single Instruments or upgrade to the large Collections, you’ll always get a credit for instruments that are included in your registered Special Editions.

Vienna Smart Orchestra: Symphonic Power in the Studio, on Stage, on the Road

The Vienna Smart Orchestra brings the power of a large symphonic orchestra right to your fingertips. Whether you are looking for inspiration, quickly sketching a symphonic idea, delivering a final score on a deadline, or playing live on stage – this orchestral powerhouse lets you play all the sections and lead instruments at once, spread out over the entire keyboard.

Vienna Smart Spheres: A Sonic Odyssey

Vienna Smart Spheres delivers ambient symphonic explorations in a brand-new mix, based on organic and acoustic sources from our vast treasure trove of orchestral sounds. Here you’ll find captivating experimental sounds for Basses, Leads, Pads, Plucks and Pulses that will be useful in any musical environment, from film scores to the more experimental side of electronic music.

Vienna Smart Hits: Make an Impact!

Vienna Smart Hits is a breathtaking exploration into the organic, yet surreal and swirling amalgamation of hits, “braams”, risers, swells and sub booms. Following our successful Vienna Smart Spheres, our sound designers and editing engineers again dug deep into our multi-million sample database of released and unreleased treasures to unearth extraordinary marvels that were then bent, twisted, mangled, distorted, boosted and re-invented.

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