SYNCHRON-ized Percussions
  • Marimba Fantasy
  • Thundering Fury - Timpani A&B
  • Tribal Fire Dance - Drums
  • Haunted Hallways - Cymbals and Gongs
  • The Enchanted Toybox - Mallets
  • The Bell Tower's Lament - Bells
  • Dance of the Masquerade - Orchestral Percussion
  • Blues for Gilbert - MIR Pro 3D NRF Hall
  • Percussion & Brass
  • Ring Christmas Bells
  • William Tell

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Percussion Collections

SYNCHRON-ized Percussion

The instruments of the SYNCHRON-ized Percussion Collection are grouped in six separately available Percussion Packs (sub-collections) that correspond to the instruments of the Synchron Percussion Packs, with equal mappings to make it easy to exchange and try out instruments from both Series.

Library Price € 395

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SYNCHRON-ized Elements

The unique instruments from our VI Elements Collection have long been a trade secret for composers and sound designers, capturing their imagination with its archaic sounds that range from ethereal shimmers to thunderous strikes. For the SYNCHRON-ized version, we have expanded the library’s breadth of sound, not only by adding more extraordinary instruments, but also by creating a host of other-worldly sonic effects using the Synchron Player’s extensive plug-in and routing options.

Library Price € 245

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