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  • Viktors Tale
  • Clarinet Concerto
  • Fantasiestueck for clarinet
  • A Springtime Caper (Clarinet)
  • Strolling Joyfully on a Snowy Day
  • Carnival Macabre
  • The Moonlit Dance
  • Clarinet arpeggios

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The clarinet is the most recent addition to the woodwind family (flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet) and was the last woodwind instrument to be integrated into the symphony orchestra. The clarinet in Bb, a soprano woodwind instrument, is the one most commonly used in the clarinet family. The clarinet is most often used in the upper ranges. Due to their vocal character it has frequently been compared to the human soprano voice. In the lower ranges the sound is darker, fuller, mellower and has a warmer timbre; especially in piano it can produce melancholy effects.

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