• Crossing the Ledge
  • Approaching Andromeda
  • Into The Void
  • Clearance to Start
  • Black Hole Diving
  • Flight into the Nebula

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Explore a new Galaxy!

  • Massive “tutti” orchestra for super-quick large orchestrations
  • More than 7 times bigger (11 GB) than the free Big Bang Orchestra
  • Multiple microphone positions, additional close mic positions
  • Shorter notes with precise attacks, optimized repetition notes
  • Wide variety of long notes, more dynamic articulations
  • Removable piccolo



Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda gives you all the articulations of the free Big Bang Orchestra, newly and uniquely recorded with more sonic and expressive flexibility, along with many more articulations that were not included in the free version.

Ramin Djawadi

Tonal Flexibility

To give you more freedom to modify your overall orchestra sound, the close mic positions of low strings, high strings, woodwinds, horns, trumpets and low brass can be adjusted separately in the integrated mixer of the Synchron Player.
For the fortissimo low brass section, you can choose between an aggressive, bold sound and a softer, rounder tone.
For more expedient orchestration, you can simply add or remove the high piccolo. Depending on your arrangement, you may choose whether or not to include its penetrating tone commonly used in tutti arrangements.

Crossing the Ledge - Screencast by Guy Bacos

More Articulations

The short notes of Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda are even shorter than the ones included with the free version, with a very precise attack. This patch also includes optimized repetition notes that deliver extremely authentic results when playing repeated notes quickly. The long notes offer a variety of articulations, including espressivo, soft, sfz and sffz. The sforzatissimo patch reveals the especially awe-inspiring force of a large orchestra when every musician is playing on top of their lungs. The “Dynamics” category includes two different lengths of crescendos. Our new Release Sample Technology adds the correct sound even when the crescendos are played shorter.  Special articulations such as tremolos, flutter tongue, minor and major trills as well as half tone glissandos round out the articulations of Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda.

Microphone Setup

Main (Decca tree stereo)
Main (Decca tree center)
Main surround stereo
High stereo
High surround stereo
High strings
Low strings
Woodwinds close
Horns close
Trumpets close
Low brass close

NKS Integration

Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda supports Native Instruments’ NKS format and is compatible with Komplete Kontrol keyboards and Maschine. Use the Light Guide to quickly identify key switches and play ranges of your instruments, browse and preview sounds, and quickly adapt them using pre-configured control knobs. Download the NKS installers from MyVSL.

Download File Size 4.5 GB
Installed File Size 11.0 GB