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Big Bang Orchestra: Eridanus
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  • Ghost Mantis (with many special guests)
  • Showdown - BBO: Dorado and BBO: Eridanus
  • The Infernal Machine - BBO: Dorado and Eridanus
  • Dance of the Satellites
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Percussion Ensemble Riffs

  • Powerful & driving rhythmic patterns
  • Massive power of up to six percussionists playing together
  • Main Riffs, Low Riffs and High Riffs for numerous combinations
  • Set-ups at three positions captured with multiple microphones
  • Real-time time-stretching and host synchronization

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Powerful Percussion Patterns

The second drums and percussion installment of the Big Bang Orchestra adds powerful, driving rhythmic patterns to our series of tutti recordings. The wide variety of patterns and loops not only complements the symphonic riffs included in BBO: Capricorn, but lends energy and drive to any track.

Pinar Toprak

All patterns are categorized by frequency ranges in Main Riffs, Low Riffs, and High Riffs. The Main and Low Riffs are played using the Taiko drums, bass drum and concert toms, while the High Riffs are created using small concert tom, snare drum, stacked cymbals, conga and bongos. All patterns can be mixed, matched and stacked across the board, letting you create gigantic percussion ensembles if you wish. Every pattern includes a single stroke that you can use to end a phrase any time during its 4-bar run. What’s more, the Synchron Player’s new time-stretch feature lets you automatically sync the patterns to your host tempo, or manually in real-time to any other tempo of your choice.

Big Sound, Big Impact

The instruments were lined up at three main positions on stage (left, center, right), with one or two instruments per position. As with all tutti recordings of the Big Bang Orchestra, they were played together by the percussionists, from subtle volumes to fortissimo strikes. The ensemble recordings were captured with an array of microphones, including an overhead mic for every stage position and close mics for every instrument. The individual overhead and instrument signals are available separately in the Synchron Player’s mixer, in addition to the Decca tree, surround and high surround mics.

Naturally, BBO: Eridanus matches perfectly with the percussion ensembles of BBO: Dorado, which were recorded at the same positions on stage and whose single strokes or upbeats you can add for accents or rhythmic variations. Using the included mixer presets, all Percussion Riffs of BBO: Eridanus perfectly match the epic sound of all the other Synchron Stage recordings of our Big Bang Orchestra.

Microphone Setup

Main (Decca tree stereo)
Main (Decca tree center)
Main surround stereo
High stereo
High surround stereo
Overhead center
Overhead left
Overhead right
Percussion center close
Percussion left close
Percussion right close

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