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What's next?

Having released 25 Big Bang Orchestra packs, we thought it’s time to ask our valued customers about their wishes. Just like “Y” also stands for “YOU”, we’d like to know YOUR opinion on the crucial question: What should we record next?

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A Children’s Choir recorded on Stage A would be a great addition to our male and female choirs of BBO: Ganymede.

The Synchron Stage Orchestra’s string sections could perform new patterns and phrases for a large selection of String Ostinatos. Easy to use and highly flexible, these musical phrases could be easily integrated into a multitude of projects.

If you prefer brass instruments with unique sounds, an ensemble of Wagner Tubas could be really interesting, too. Blending tonal elements of the French horn, the trombone and the bass tuba, these instruments produce a beautiful round and somber tone.

Last but not least, we’re dreaming up an entire set of Legato Performance Combos like the “Epic Legato Combo” of horns, cellos, violas and clarinets that’s included in Big Bang Orchestra: Zodiac. There’s a special vibe and beauty about the natural and smooth blending of various sections playing in unison and performing legatos together.

What's your favorite?