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  • Hoedown from Rodeo - Teldex
  • Polka - MIRx Teldex
  • Malagueña - MIRx Teldex
  • Rigaudon - MIRx Teldex
  • Rite of Spring
  • Rise of the Wild
  • The Four Seasons - Autumn

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MIRx Teldex Scoring Stage

Reverb Mixing Extension

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Convolution Reverb
for Vienna Instruments & Vienna Instruments Pro

MIRx is a convolution reverb extension for our proprietary sample player Vienna Instruments Pro based on our revolutionary MIR (Multi Impulse Response) technology. It is a convenient and affordable way to integrate the stunning acoustics of renowned concert halls and sound stages directly into Vienna Instruments / Vienna Instruments Pro.

Using pre-configured Multi Impulse Responses from Vienna MIR Pro 3D, each instrument or ensemble in your Vienna Instruments arsenal will find its perfect position on stage at the touch of a button. Simply turn on the MIRx option in your player’s reverb window, select one of the presets for your loaded instrument and it will be placed and aligned at the appropriate spot on the stage. Creating a perfectly balanced orchestral sound has never been easier.

The famed Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin was originally built as a ballroom in the 1890s. Since the 1950s the 4,900 square feet (455 m²) hall has been in use for recording purposes. Today it is one of the largest private recording studios to achieve international standards. Over the last decades, renowned orchestras, choirs, conductors and soloists from all over the world have recorded here.

Don’t miss the audio demo “Mirxed Feelings” created exclusively with Vienna Special Edition Vol 1, Vienna Instruments Pro and MIRx Konzerthaus Grosser Saal. Download the corresponding project file for your sequencer (Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Digital Performer or Sonar) from MyDownloads and use it as a source of inspiration or a starting point for your own orchestrations.