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Synchronized Series Collection

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SYNCHRON-ized Bells


Tubular bells A
Tubular bells B
Plate bells
Hand bells
Japanese singing bowls
Church bells
Burma bells
Jingle bells
Bell tree
Ship’s bell
Altar-boy bells
Finger bell

This Percussion Pack is based on the VI Series library Bells and includes the updated sample database of instruments that were recorded in the tight and controlled ambience of our second studio, the Silent Stage. They can therefore be placed in any acoustic environment and anywhere in a room. Each instrument comes with customized impulse responses that make placing them in their perfect sounding spot on the virtual Synchron Stage Vienna a breeze.

Audio Demos SYNCHRON-ized Percussion - Bells
The Bell Tower's Lament - Bells Guy Bacos 1:25
Bell Inferno - Bells Andreas Olszewski 0:56

Compared to the instruments of Synchron Bells that were recorded on our very own scoring stage, the instruments of the SYNCHRON-ized Collection were not only captured in a different acoustic environment, they’re also different makes of the same instruments with their own individual sound characteristics and were played by different musicians, therefore adding more flexibility and a greater variety to your percussion arsenal.

The entire sample database was optimized for the Vienna Synchron Player. The volume levels of all articulations have been meticulously overhauled, balancing the dynamic ranges of all instruments for the most natural performances.

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