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  • Attend en Attente - All Saxophones
  • Hypnotique (Tenor Sax and Piano)
  • Night Streets feat. Soprano Saxophone
  • Northern Autumn feat. Tenor Saxpohone
  • Sentimental Evening feat. Alto Saxophone
  • Sunday at the Pier - All Saxophones

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Synchronized Series Collection

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Take Five

Soprano Saxophone
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone
Bass Saxophone

• Recorded at the Silent Stage
• Wide variety of articulations for symphonic music and Jazz 
• Re-edited and optimized for the Vienna Synchron Player
• Mixer presets for placement at Synchron Stage Vienna
• Low crossgrade prices for users of VI Series Saxophones

This library is based on the VI Collection Saxophones and offers five solo instruments that were recorded in the tight and controlled ambience of our second studio, the Silent Stage. The entire sample database with an extensive range of articulations was re-edited, updated and optimized for the Vienna Synchron Player.

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Tenor Saxophone, "classical" articulations

All instruments are perfectly positioned at the virtual Synchron Stage Vienna, utilizing the Synchron Player’s convolution reverb based on Vienna MIR technology. Presets such as close, classic, and distant make it easy to place and reverberate the instruments with pre-configured combinations of convolution and algorithmic reverbs. Further mixer presets such as Smokey, Dark, Hard Compressed or Smooth Delay help you dial in the right mood for your project or serve as great starting points for your own timbre creations.
By selecting the “MIR Unprocessed” preset without any reverb or placement, you can use the saxophones completely dry, place them anywhere in the stereo field, and incorporate any reverb of your preference, such as the rooms provided by Vienna MIR Pro 3D.

The possibilities of the Synchron Player bring more flexibility, playability, and liveliness to the sample database, with features such as timbre adjust, time-stretching, and advanced real-time algorithms. Notes such as portato, crescendos, and diminuendos can be played shorter than their recorded length and are still automatically provided with authentic release sounds. This way, for instance, you can use the first part of crescendo notes as soft portato articulations, or the first part of diminuendo notes as an espressivo technique with a slight decrescendo that sounds very musical and natural.

The SYNCHRON-ized Saxophones Collection includes a host of articulations that enable the instruments to be performed in a variety of genres, from symphonic music to jazz, rock and pop. In addition to a large selection of regular articulations including short notes, long notes, legatos, portamentos, glissandos, trills, flutter tongues, runs, repetitions, etc., the library offers specialties such as bends, falls, tongue slaps, dirty notes, key noises, and more.

Robert Bernhard, the musician who wholeheartedly played his Selmer Mark VI series instruments (reissues of the famous vintage saxes of the Sixties), has profound experience in orchestral music, as well as in jazz, funk, and blues. His nuanced performances exploit the entire range of the instruments, from sensitive to aggressive, from whispering to screaming.

Crossgrade Prices

Crossgrade price for users of VI Saxophones Standard Library: €135
Crossgrade price for users of VI Saxophones Full Library: €65
Crossgrade prices for users of VI Saxophones Single Instruments are available, please log in to see your personal price.
The discounts also apply when you purchase SYNCHRON-ized Saxophones at the same time as any of the products that are eligible for crossgrade prices, in one order.
Sample Amount 52,101
Download File Size 9.3 GB
Installed File Size 20.9 GB