• Saxophones Trailer
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  • Parker´s Mood
  • Vienna Bigband
  • Saxophone Quartet - Canzona
  • Saxophone Quartet - Finale
  • Three Improvisations - Presto
  • After Rain (Soprano sax)
  • Rhapsody for Alto Saxophone
  • Winter Sky (Alto sax)
  • City Noir Detective (Tenor sax)

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Vienna Instruments Collection

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This Collection offers the complete saxophones family. The performance algorithms of the included Vienna Instruments player work wonders with these samples. The focus has been directed equally to orchestral settings as well as to jazz. Famous examples of orchestral works using these instruments include the saxophone quartet by Alexander Glasunow, the alto saxophone concerts by Glasunow and Debussy, and the Castello from Mussorgsky’s “Pictures”. In addition, a host of articulations for jazz and big band are included, such as bends, tongue slaps, growling, screams, extended harmonics, key sounds, and more. In an unprecedented development, long and short downward ending phrases have been added as release samples for heightened realism. There are even some soft and breathy tones that were captured during the legendary “Barfly Sessions” at the Silent Stage. The lights were dimmed late at night to create that special atmosphere that now lives on in these soulful recordings.

Sample Amount 58,786
Download File Size 13.9 GB
Installed File Size 25.1 GB