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  • Vienna Bigband
  • Saxophone Quartet - Canzona
  • Rhapsody for Alto Saxophone
  • City Noir Detective (Tenor sax)
  • Renaissance Holiday
  • Song of the Forest

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Vienna Instruments Collection

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Inspiration for New Voicings

Experimenting with and discovering all-new combinations of instruments and timbres is one of the most exciting activities in orchestration. With this bundle you get the Collections Saxophones, Recorders as well as Historic Winds I, Historic Winds II and Historic Winds III. Instruments that are rarely used in the classical symphonic context but add rich new colors to your arrangements.

Saxophones covers the complete saxophones family (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, and bass saxophone) turning its attention to romantic solo and orchestra literature as well as to jazz instrumentations. Recorders includes samples of four different instruments (soprano recorder, alto recorder, tenor recorder, and bass recorder), adding a particular exotic timbre with references to ancient or far eastern worlds to orchestral scores. The Historic Winds series offer recordings of some beautiful and unique instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, such as ophicleide, cornett (zink), serpent, transverse flute, and oboe da caccia, natural horn and natural trumpet.

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