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  • Battle of Fairies
  • The Narwhal
  • Make Way
  • Patriots
  • Bursting with Hope
  • A Behemoth´s Demise
  • JV Changing Plans
  • Face Off (Focus: Strings)
  • Hunting The Intruder (Focus: Strings)
  • Dark Passion (Focus: Strings)

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Vienna Ensemble Pro 7

The Magnificent Seven

Pre-order Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 and download the included Epic Orchestra 2.0 NOW!

Pre-ordering Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 will give you access to download and install Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 from MyVSL.


Epic Orchestra 2.0

Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 now comes with a dramatically improved version of the original Epic Orchestra. At 73 GB, Epic Orchestra 2.0 is ten times the size of the original that was included with previous versions of Vienna Ensemble Pro! The new sample collection, powered by the Vienna Synchron Player, includes all the previous instruments and articulations, as well as stunning highlights from our latest library products. Watch the videos here!

Introducing Epic Orchestra 2.0

Single Licenses available!

You can purchase as many single licenses of Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 as you need. Instead of buying a fixed bundle of three licenses, you can buy one, two, three or more licenses, depending on the number of computers you have on your network.* Upgrade prices from Vienna Ensemble Pro versions 4, 5 and 6 are available. They are displayed automatically when you’re logged in.

Integrated FX!

Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 now comes with fully integrated mixing and effects tools, based on our Vienna Suite Pro plug-ins! You’ll love the overview, quick accessibility and the hundreds of production-ready presets!

Many more features!

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!
You'll find information on all previously existing features included with Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 here.

* You need as many licenses as computers you’d like to run Vienna Ensemble Pro instances on. As an example, if you have two computers, one master and one slave machine, you need one license if you’re only running one or more instances of Vienna Ensemble Pro on your slave computer. If you’re running one or more instances of Vienna Ensemble Pro on your master computer, too, you need two licenses (and two ViennaKeys, for that matter).


When you pre-order Vienna Ensemble Pro 7, you can explore the new Epic Orchestra 2.0 now, free of charge! This powerful library includes all the instruments and articulations from the original Epic Orchestra, re-edited and mapped for the new Vienna Synchron Player, and enhanced by the integrated convolution reverb with customized impulse responses from Synchron Stage Vienna.

Please find a detailed list of instruments and articulations here.

Navigate these captivating sounds using the included Vienna Synchron Player, featuring an internal mixer, powerful FX plug-ins, flexible routing options, integrated Humanizing and the acclaimed Dimension Tree Navigation.

An Epic Orchestra 2.0 license will be added automatically to your First License of Vienna Ensemble Pro 7, so you don’t need to put Epic Orchestra 2.0 into the basket. However, you may purchase Epic Orchestra 2.0 separately, without purchasing Vienna Ensemble Pro 7.

Upgrade Offer

The upgrade price to Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 is currently €75 (reg. €95) for the first license, and it includes Epic Orchestra 2.0, free of charge. Additional Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 upgrade licenses are offered at €45 (reg. €65) each. When you're logged in, the reduced price is automatically shown as “Your Price” if you’ve already registered Vienna Ensemble Pro 4, 5 or 6.

Full Purchase

If you’re new to Vienna Ensemble Pro, now is a great time to jump aboard! The introductory price of Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 including Epic Orchestra 2.0 is €145 (reg. €195). To run Vienna Ensemble Pro on more computers, additional licenses are available at €65 (reg. €95) each. You may download and install Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 from MyVSL anytime.