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Vienna Instruments Collection

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VI Special Edition Volume 5 – Dimension Strings

These fantastic string ensembles of eight violins, six violas, six cellos and four double basses feature the most important playing techniques from our popular Collections Vienna Dimension Strings I and II. They offer the articulations staccato, détaché, sustained, sforzato, legato, portamento, tremolo, pizzicato, all played without mute (“senza sordino”) and with mute (“con sordino”).

Stunning Realism Through Imperfection

The string players of these ensembles were recorded in homogeneous groups, capturing all of the human interactions and slight imperfections of a live performance. Individual microphones for each player allow you to access each voice of the ensemble separately.

Even the best musicians never play in perfect unison; slight imperfections in pitch and timing, as well as different timbres and vibrato intensities create a lively, beautiful ensemble sound. When playing as a group, musicians continually adapt to each other, and their interactions within the ensemble reveal the “magic” of a live performance. VI Special Edition Vol. 5 comes with the free Vienna Instruments Pro player, whose Auto Humanization feature makes use of all of the nuances and variations of the Dimension Strings patches automatically while simply playing the keyboard.

Since all the recorded instruments are available separately, you may easily switch between any number of musicians of the ensemble, from the principal, to single desks, to the full ensemble size.


You may expand the string ensembles of the VI Special Edition Vol. 5 with additional articulations by upgrading to the large Collections Vienna Dimension Strings I and Vienna Dimension Strings II (muted) at favorable upgrade prices. In addition to many more articulations, the larger Collections offer the possibility to select playing on certain strings (“force strings”, e.g., sul G), “avoid open strings”, and “use open strings”.

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