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This section contains the Solo Strings and Orchestral Strings of the Special Edition Volume 1. Violin, viola, cello and double bass shine as solo instruments as well as in their corresponding ensembles, featuring the most important single note articulations such as short, medium, and long (sustained) notes, sforzatos, tremolos, and pizzicatos. Additionally, Vienna’s unique Legato and Portamento Performances are included as well! The real recorded notes and note transitions, as performed by top musicians from Vienna’s renowned orchestras, come perfectly to life thanks to the Vienna Instruments player’s performance detection algorithms.
All of these string instruments and articulations are also part of the Special Edition Volume 1. Now you have the possibility to get them separately, easy to download and ready to play. What’s more, you may add additional articulations, available with the Special Edition Vol 1 Strings PLUS.

Included Instruments

Solo violin
Solo viola
Solo cello
Solo double bass

Violin ensemble (14 players)
Viola ensemble (10 players)
Cello ensemble (8 players)
Double bass ensemble (6 players)

Sample Amount 17,257
Download File Size 8.3 GB
Installed File Size 12.6 GB