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  • Sakura Concertino
  • Leisure Sailing (Harp 2)
  • Danse Profane
  • Introduction & Allegro
  • Magical Garden
  • Solo for Harp
  • Cura
  • Caresses of Wind

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Vienna Instruments Collection

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Beautiful blooms and gentle fades

These two harps are also available as SYNCHRON-ized Harps, completely overhauled, re-edited and optimized for the Vienna Synchron Player.

This Collection owes its two instruments to the use of two harps in orchestral music of the mid 19th century. Harp 1 is played by Ruth Rojahn, harpist of the Hofer Symphoniker and internationally successful soloist. Apart from single notes in various playing styles the first harp offers an enormous wealth of glissandos, which are particularly brilliant and easy to use with the Vienna Instruments player. The controller structure allows for extremely flexible and quick access – the user can switch between ranges, different tempos, up and down movements, and different scales in real-time while playing. The first harp’s spectrum is rounded out by a wide range of arpeggios.

Harp 2, played by Julia Reth, contains an even larger number of single notes, also offering playing styles such as damped, fingernail playing, and pedal glissandos. A lovely ethereal effect is created by the bisbigliando variations, the whispering of tender tremolos on two strings that have been tuned to the same pitch (due to enharmonic change).

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