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  • Bassoon sonata, 3rd mvt.
  • Winter Soliloquy
  • Rite of Spring (Introduction)

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Bassoon 2

Both the instrument as well as the performance of bassoonist Stepan Turnovsky, a frequent first bassoonist with the Vienna Philharmonic, proved to be perfect for the Bassoon 2.

His ability to play exceptionally broad tonal reaches, and to change his playing position to compensate for variances from note to note, coupled with the Vienna team’s extensive array of mic positions, result in an extraordinarily precise sampled sound.

Consequently, two solo bassoons are now available in our instrumental collection. The Bassoon 2 with a range spanning from tenor to bass offers an extended pitch range from Bb to F2, and is therefore also recommended to perform as first bassoon.

Sample Amount 6,322
Download File Size 2.1 GB
Installed File Size 3.7 GB