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Clarinet in Bb 2

The clarinet was integrated into the symphony orchestra during the Viennese Classic period in the second half of the 18th century. Today the instrument is commonly used as a solo instrument as well as in chamber music, concert bands, military bands and marching bands in almost all styles, ranging from classical repertoire to folk music, to klezmer and jazz.

If you have already purchased our Clarinet in Bb (included in our Woodwinds I Collection) that features the more “classical” playing style, this German-system instrument is the perfect addition. We have not only recorded many vibrato articulations but also bends and falls that are triggered as release samples for utmost realism. What’s more, a unique highlight is the extensive set of almost 300 looped “multiphonic sounds”, both with two and multiple voices, opening an entirely new field for creating progressive and experimental soundscapes. These recordings were based on the book “Multiphonics” by Gerhard Krassnitzer and the patch names within the Vienna Instruments / Vienna Instruments PRO player correspond with the respective sound numbers described in this book.

Your purchase of the Clarinet (Bb) 2 entitles you to download the free Vienna Instruments Pro player software that includes the Vienna Ensemble mixing and host software.

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Download File Size 4.6 GB
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