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  • Battle March (Epic Horns)
  • Battle March - Horns solo (Epic Horns)
  • Sur les toits de Paris (Triple horn)
  • Monastery on the Mountain (Wagner tuba)
  • Lady Death - War (Epic Horns)
  • Cimbasso concerto
  • Canzoni per sonare no. 1
  • New Orleans (Bass trombone)
  • Lemonade Bitter (Piccolo trumpet)

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Vienna Instruments Collection

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A Towering Powerhouse of Sound

Brass II contains the instruments for large-scale orchestral arrangements, i.e., the “Wagner orchestral brass”. Oriented toward Wagner’s “Ring”, there are the bass trumpet, the contrabass trombone, Wagner tuba and contrabass tuba, all with the standard single note and Performance articulations such as Interval Performances, Repetitions, Trill Performances, etc. As an alternative to the Viennese horn, Brass II also contains a new solo horn, the triple horn, Yamaha’s master instrument in F/Bb/high F, recorded down to the lowest register (A1). Further, there are the piccolo trumpet, the cimbasso, and of course the famous “Epic Horns”, an impressive sounding body of eight double horns that not only fulfills the sonic ideal of the theatrical late Romantic orchestra but also meets the challenge of “larger than life” scores for modern movie scores.

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