• Special Brass Trailer
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  • Journey to Greatness (Fanfare trumpets)
  • Fanfare trumpets
  • Royal Brass Festival
  • Blues and Cadenza
  • Romantic Blues (Cornet)
  • Sinfonietta, 1st mvt.
  • The Foundling Hospital (Alto trombone)
  • Alto trombone - Articulations
  • Euphonium - Articulations

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Vienna Instruments Collection

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Eloquent Additions To The Brass Family.

Like Special Woodwinds, the Special Brass Collection offers resonant rarities that a first-rate virtual orchestra can’t do without.

To create the perfect counterpart for our famous Epic Horns, we recorded an ensemble of six trumpet players (three trumpets in Bb and three trumpets in C). These commanding Fanfare Trumpets provide tremendous impact with their sforzato and sforzatissimo playing techniques. And they deliver sparkling trumpet themes that soar magnificently above the orchestra.

As an added bonus, we were able to persuade Vienna’s much-acclaimed solo trumpet player Freddy Staudigl to record another solo instrument, the Cornet. Although the instrument’s form and range is comparable to the trumpet it is considered more a part of the horn family due to its bore. Freddy’s cornet sounds beautiful by itself and adds depth and detail when blended into an ensemble.

The Alto trombone expands our trombone family to its highest register, now making a total of four different trombone ranges available. This gives you more options for finding the perfect trombone tone, or tessitura, for your musical realizations.

Last but not least, our Euphonium adds a bit of brilliance to the low end as it reveals the high register of the tuba family.

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