• Orchestral Strings I&II Trailer
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  • Adagio For Strings
  • Partita in E major BWV 1006, Prelude
  • Introduction for Strings
  • Strings & Marimba
  • Strings short-staccati
  • Strings finger tremolo
  • Strings flautando
  • Strings harmonics
  • Strings harsh-repetitions

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Vienna Instruments Collection

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The Indispensable Foundation – Cellos and Basses

The leading voice of the cello section is Argentinian Rubén Dubrovsky, founder of the Vienna Bach Consort. Martin Deuring, an internationally active solo bassist and founding member of the chamber music ensemble “Ensemble Plus”, leads the double bass ensemble.

All Vienna Instruments string sections offer an extremely wide range of articulations. The special qualities of these instruments are the result of a multitude of Performances. With larger ensembles, the random effect of articulations like Performance Trills or fast Legatos is especially pronounced, lending those Performance Patches remarkable authenticity in conjunction with the Vienna Instruments engine’s Performance algorithms. With larger ensembles, there is also greater variety in the natural imperfections of musicians when changing from one note to the next. This effect, for example, gets extra attention with the “Repetition Performance Pizzicatos”.

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