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  • Anaheim Appassionatas
  • Eurasian Appassionata
  • Valse Triste
  • Sunset, Dream and Nightmare!
  • Reminiscing Theme
  • James and Domino
  • Aase´s Death
  • The Battle

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Vienna Instruments Collection

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Appassionata Strings Bundle

If you are looking for that larger-than-life Hollywood sound, the Appassionata Strings are the perfect answer. In particular the legato and sul-G-performances, with varying intensities of vibrato, provide a passionate, large and epic string sound. These big strings are designed for all kinds of cinematic music, from slow and lush themes to fast action scores. In addition to arco and legato styles, the 20 violins, 14 violas, 12 cellos and 10 double basses (six among them being 5-string double basses) feature accented interval notes, staccatos and spiccatos. While Appassionata Strings I covers a wide range of articulations, Appassionata Strings II offers almost all of the articulations in the first Collection, but played “con sordino”. Some composers even combine the “normal“ strings with muted strings, resulting in a particularly thick and luxurious sound.

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