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Synchron Series Collection

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Standard Lib. + Extended Lib. = Full Library

When you start with the Standard Library („Stereo Library Download“), you may easily upgrade to the Full Library („Multi Library Download“) at any time – you’ll only pay for the Extended Library portion of the product.

Synchron Cymbals & Gongs III

Synchron Cymbals & Gongs III is a subset of the Synchron Percussion III Collection and includes several suspended cymbals, piatti and ancient cymbals. What’s more, this collection also offers the powerful cymbal and metal ensembles of Big Bang Orchestra Dorado (Percussion Ensembles), as well as the High Gongs Ensemble of Big Bang Orchestra Fornax (Pitched Percussion Ensembles).

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Solo Instruments

Piatti Sabian 20"
Sizzle cymbal Zildjian 18"
Splash cymbals Zildjian 8", 12"
Ancient cymbals (finger cymbals)

The piatti, which are played in pairs, were recorded with normal and muted release, as well as loose, sizzling, dragged over each other and scratched. The suspended cymbals were played with sticks, mallets, rods, brushes, as well as bowed. The instruments were sampled with up to 12 dynamic levels and up to 6 round robins for single strokes.


This library includes ensembles of up to six musicians each that are also included in the Big Bang Orchestra Packs Dorado and Fornax:

Suspended cymbal ensemble (big, medium and small Zildjian cymbals)
Super crashes ensemble (big, medium and small piatti)
Big Metal ensemble (big and small tam-tam, medium and low plate bells, big suspended cymbal, anvil)
Small Metal ensemble (big and small triangle, big and small jingle ring, big and medium suspended cymbal)
High Gongs ensemble (medium suspended cymbal, triangles, burma gongs)

12 Microphones

Every instrument was recorded using 12 microphones. You may select from four microphone positions (Standard Library) or seven different microphone positions (Full Library) and mix them to your liking, directly in the Vienna Synchron Player. Use the included and perfectly fine-tuned presets as a starting point for your own sonic creations. The performances in Stage A were captured in stereo using a Decca tree, and additional microphone arrays were utilized for 5.1 surround and Auro 3D 9.1.

Microphone Positions of the Full Library:

  1. Close Mic – Mono
  2. Mid Layer Mic – Stereo (L/R)
  3. Main/Room Mic  – Decca Tree Stereo (L/R)
  4. Main/Room Mic  – Decca Tree Mono (Center)
  5. Main Surround – Stereo (L/R)
  6. High Stereo (3D) – Stereo (L/R)
  7. High Surround (3D) – Stereo (L/R)

Standard Library includes positions 1-4.

Synchron Percussion III - Recording Setup

Microphone and instrument setup (click for larger image)

Standard Library Full Library
Sample Amount 18,236 28,763
Download File Size 7.8 GB 14.7 GB
Installed File Size 18.5 GB 33.9 GB