Vienna Synchron Player

Ease-of-Use Re-Invented

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Apple Silicon

Native Silicon ready versions of our software products are in the pipeline! Product Manager Paul Kopf explains the details and shares some background information.

Synchron Player is now Apple Silicon ready, please downlaod the free update in your Vienna Assistant.

Our Synchron Series products are powered by the all-new Vienna Synchron Player, a dedicated sample player with an entirely new audio engine built from the ground up. Combining multiple microphone signals with a wealth of note variations and velocity layers for each articulation may quickly lead to a quite heavy voice count and CPU load. The Vienna Synchron Player comes with the most powerful sample playback engine, featuring unprecedented streaming performance while providing a new level of ease-of-use. Innovative algorithms result in utmost realism and expressiveness: You may play short notes, long notes with various attacks, legatos, scalable vibrato intensities and note repetitions intuitively just by moving one or two preconfigured controllers, with a minimal need to switch articulations manually. The Vienna Synchron Player also includes a full fledged internal mixer with 5-band EQ, individual delay settings for runtime compensation, algorithmic reverb, phase switching, panorama controls as well as a host of effects such as saturation, delay, compressor, auto gain and many more.

The Vienna Synchron Player is included as free software with all products of the Synchron and SYNCHRON-ized Series, Smart Series, Big Bang Orchestra and the SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions.

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Please confirm our privacy policy to show the embedded YouTube video.

8-dimensional Synchron Player

The one and only sample player on the market with eight or even unlimited dimensions. Dimensions allow you to add any freely controllable musical parameter to any Synchron Series preset, resulting in incomparable versatility.

Streaming Performance

The look-up-function is up to 32 times faster than with conventional sample players. This improved look-up function is the backbone of the Synchron Player’s unrivaled multi-microphone performance. All samples are linked to their corresponding microphone positions which improves access-times dramatically and allows for minimal latency. Up to 31 microphone channels (Synchron FX Strings I) provide infinite options to create a unique sound.

Out of the Box

Tailor-made mixer presets - ready to play! Easy access to authentic room impressions of Synchron Stage Vienna – from close to distant microphone positions.

Time Stretching

The time-stretch feature lets you automatically sync any patterns (e.g., included with Big Bang Orchestra: Capricorn & Eridanus) to your host tempo, or manually to any other tempo of your choice. You can even adjust the tempo in real-time using a CC controller! The time-stretch feature works for all articulations, e.g., to shorten note lengths, or to extend sustained notes, e.g., atmospheric sounds of Synchron FX Strings or Smart Spheres, for sound design applications.

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