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Synchron Series Collection

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Standard Lib. + Extended Lib. = Full Library

When you start with the Standard Library („Stereo Library Download“), you may easily upgrade to the Full Library („Multi Library Download“) at any time – you’ll only pay for the Extended Library portion of the product.

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Strings Re-Invented

Synchron Strings I combines extraordinary musicianship, engineering, recording technology and software innovation. Played by members of the Synchron Stage Orchestra, recorded at our own Synchron Stage by top engineers, and backed by 17 years of sampling experience – Synchron Strings I is about to set a new standard in sound, playability and realism.

Please confirm our privacy policy to show the embedded YouTube video.

Please confirm our privacy policy to show the embedded YouTube video.

For users of both Synchron Strings I and Synchron Strings Pro we’re providing an Optimized Content of Synchron Strings I where redundant articulations have been removed to simplify presets and to save 50% storage space.

Free update! Our beautiful Cantabile Articulations for violins, violas and cellos are now available for download, free of charge and exclusively for registered users of Synchron Strings I. Create beautiful melodies with these all-new sustain and legato articulations and blend from light to strong vibrato. What’s more, we’ve updated and improved all variants of previously existing legatos such as soft, fast, slurred to achieve the same playability as the Cantabile patches.

Please note that this new update is only available for the Vienna Synchron Player. The new articulations can’t be loaded into the Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro players.

Recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna

Synchron Strings I is our first String Library that was recorded with the signature ambience of one of the best-sounding scoring stages on the planet – Synchron Stage Vienna. This represents a significant step for us, marrying hall-ambience recordings with the leading-edge sampling technology Vienna Symphonic Library is known for.

Synchron Strings I Orchestra

Since its renovation and reopening in 2016, Synchron Stage Vienna has already hosted a wealth of music recordings for international film and TV productions (such as Inferno, The Crown, Lego Batman, Ghost in the Shell, The Meg, Blue Planet II), in addition to video games, commercials, and classical recordings, with many more to come. The acoustics of the 540 m² (5,813 sq.ft.) main hall are characterized by a lush and warm sound with an average reverb time of 1.8 seconds, while still providing excellent localization of all sound sources, both in depth and in the stereo or surround environment.

Multiple Microphone Positions

To capture the spectacular ambience of the Synchron Stage, our engineers employed eight separate phase-coherent microphone configurations, recorded simultaneously, to provide a broad range of room options while using the library. Any or all of these setups can be mixed to dial in just the sound you’re looking for, from close and focused, to broad and epic!

The sections of 1st violins (14), 2nd violins (10), violas (8), cellos (8), and double basses (6) were recorded separately at their designated positions on stage. Due to the comprehensive selection of discrete audio channels you can mix your string sound in stereo, 5.1 surround or even 9.1 Auro 3D (or any other immersive audio format, such as Dolby Atmos), utilizing the intuitive features of the Vienna Synchron Player to tailor your sound.


Synchron Stage Vienna – Productions
(click for larger image)

Synchron Strings Pro - Setup

Microphone and instrument setup
(click for larger image)

The Beauty of Simplicity

Play short notes, long notes with various attacks, legatos, scalable vibrato intensities and note repetitions with a minimal need to switch articulations, and by moving just one or two preconfigured controllers.

Synchron Strings I works with our all-new Vienna Synchron Player, a dedicated sample player with a brand new engine built from the ground up. Its innovative new algorithms make it even more effortless to render strings with astounding realism.

Combining a number of microphone positions with a wealth of available velocity layers and note variations for each articulation requires a powerful sample engine. Our Vienna Synchron Player delivers unprecedented streaming performance, able to trigger more than 300 voices per instrument simultaneously! The new engine also includes an internal mixer with 5-band EQ, delay for runtime compensation, algorithmic reverb, phase switching and panorama controls.


8 Velocity Layers, 80 Variations per Key

One major reason for the heightened realism of Synchron Strings I is the unprecedented number of velocity layers and note variations. Most notes are available with 8 dynamic levels and up to 10 variations, from pianissimo to fortissimo and everything in between, that blend smoothly as you crossfade through the layers. All the samples are delivered automatically as you play, and in most cases you don’t even need to think about manual key switching.

We’ve developed a new sampling process wherein all performances are recorded and edited at “fixed gain”. The result is that all pitches, dynamic layers, articulations and instruments match 100% perfectly with each other. For example, a pianissimo articulation of an ensemble sounds exactly as it was played at Synchron Stage and painstakingly matches the pianissimo performances of all the other instruments.

Played by Musicians from the Synchron Stage Orchestra

The players make the difference! Selected from Vienna’s world famous community of master musicians, our Synchron Stage Orchestra members performed these samples with passion and perseverance on their own very fine instruments. Having played on countless film and TV scores, in addition to honing their skills as sampling musicians, the quality of their playing will inspire your best work as you use Synchron Strings I.


Microphone Setup

The Standard Library and Full Library of Synchron Strings I both include the same articulations. The difference lies in the number of provided microphone positions:

  Standard Library Full Library
1. Close Mic (Mono)
2. Mid Mic – Front row of Ensemble (L/R)
3. Back Mic – Second row of Ensemble (L/R)  
4. Main/Room Mic – Decca Tree Stereo (L/R)
5. Main/Room Mic – Decca Tree Mono (Center)
6. Main Surround – Stereo (L/R)  
7. High Stereo (3D) – Stereo (L/R)  
8. High Surround (3D) – Stereo (L/R)  

The main surround microphone settings may also be used instead of the main stereo room mics in order to achieve a wider and more ambient mix. Blending surround signals with the other microphone signals creates a denser, more lush overall sound, even in stereo applications.

The Standard Library and the upgrade to the Full Library (sometimes referred to as the Extended Library) are separate downloads.


Immersive Sound and Auro 3D

Auro 3D is an immersive audio technology that allows for three-dimensional sound perception. The Belgian company Auro Technologies developed this technology based on a special speaker configuration, adding four additional speakers to a 5.1 surround configuration. These speakers (so-called “Heights”) are situated above the front and surround speakers and generate acoustic reflections that are perceived naturally due to the fact that sounds originate from around as well as from above the listener. Thanks to the comprehensive selection of discrete audio channels of Synchron Strings I (Full Library) you may mix your instruments in Auro 3D as well as in Dolby Atmos.


Bring all Vienna Strings together at Synchron Stage

While Synchron Strings I are recorded “in situ” with the natural ambience of the main hall of our scoring stage, you can place all of our other string libraries (from Solo Strings to Chamber, Orchestral, Appassionata and Dimension Strings) in the virtual version of this very hall by using Vienna MIR Pro with RoomPack 6 Synchron Stage Vienna. Create one unified sound easily by placing your existing instruments alongside the musicians who were recorded at Synchron Stage!

Synchron Strings I – Articulations

Super short notes, incl. harsh 9 velocity layers, 10 variations
Short notes, incl. harsh 9 velocity layers, 10 variations
Long notes – vibrato/no vibrato/lyrical 8/8/5 velocity layers, 10 variations
Long notes – flautando 2 velocity layers, 2 variations
Long notes – crescendo/diminuendo 6 velocity layers
Long notes soft – vibrato/no vibrato/lyrical 7/7/5 velocity layers
Long notes – cantabile, strong/light vibrato 2 velocity layers, 2 variations
Legato – regular, vibrato/no vibrato/lyrical 8/8/5 velocity layers
Legato – soft, vibrato/no vibrato/lyrical 7/7/5 velocity layers
Legato – fast, vibrato/no vibrato/lyrical 8/8/5 velocity layers, 6 variations
Legato – slurred, vibrato/no vibrato/lyrical 8/8/5 velocity layers
Legato – cantabile, strong/light vibrato 2 velocity layers, 2 variations
Sforzando, vibrato/no vibrato/lyrical 4 velocity layers, 4 variations
Fortepiano, vibrato/no vibrato/lyrical 4 velocity layers, 4 variations
Tremolos 5 velocity layers
Trills – half tone/whole tone 5 velocity layers
Pizzicato 5 velocity layers, 8 variations
Snap pizzicato 1 velocity layer, 8 variations
Releases damped  
Releases ringing  

Crossgrade Prices

If you have registered the Synchron Strings Pro Standard Library,
your crossgrade prices are:
Synchron Strings I (Standard Library) €195
Synchron Strings I (Full Library) €490
If you have registered the Synchron Strings Pro Full Library,
your crossgrade prices are:
Synchron Strings I (Standard Library) €195
Synchron Strings I (Full Library) €330

NKS Integration

Synchron Strings I supports Native Instruments’ NKS format and is compatible with Komplete Kontrol keyboards and Maschine. Use the Light Guide to quickly identify key switches and play ranges of your instruments, browse and preview sounds, and quickly adapt them using pre-configured control knobs. Download the NKS installers from MyVSL.

Standard Library Full Library
Sample Amount 1,020,595 1,802,875
Download File Size 111.6 GB 221.3 GB
Installed File Size 266.9 GB 532.0 GB