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  • Oboe concerto no. 2 - MIR Pro 3D Mozartsaal
  • Summer Music - Konzerthaus Schubertsaal
  • Quatuor: vivo assai - MIR Pro 3D ORF Studio 3
  • Phantasy Quintet
  • Canzon Septimi Toni - Steinhofkirche
  • Blues for Gilbert - MIR Pro 3D NRF Hall
  • Les entretiens de la Belle et de la Bête
  • Magic Tunnel
  • West Side Story - Prologue
  • Sonic Explorations - Synchron Stage, 3D binaural

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Viennese Space Research

The MIR 3D RoomPack Bundle includes seven Multi-Impulse Convolution Packs for Vienna MIR Pro 3D at a discounted bundle price:

  • MIR 3D RoomPack 1 – Vienna Konzerthaus
  • MIR 3D RoomPack 2 – Studios & Stages
  • MIR 3D RoomPack 3 – Mystic Spaces
  • MIR 3D RoomPack 4 – The Sage Gateshead
  • MIR 3D RoomPack 5 – Pernegg Monastery
  • MIR 3D RoomPack 6 – Synchron Stage Vienna
  • MIR 3D RoomPack 7 – Grosses Festspielhaus Salzburg


MIR 3D RoomPack 1 “Vienna Konzerthaus”
The Vienna Konzerthaus, one of the world’s preeminent concert buildings, enjoys undisputed acclaim for its unique acoustics. MIR 3D RoomPack 1 includes a staggering 11,000 impulse responses from four halls, plus its grand foyer, that have been recorded exclusively for Vienna MIR Pro 3D.

MIR 3D RoomPack 2 “Studios and Stages”
MIR 3D RoomPack 2 includes more than 24,000 individual impulse responses for Vienna MIR Pro. It offers the famed Teldex recording hall in Berlin, three recording studios of the “ORF Funkhaus”, the public radio broadcasting building of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) in Vienna, as well as two rooms of Recording Studio Weiler, an Austrian high-end recording facility (formerly known as “Little America” of legendary producer Peter Wolf).

MIR 3D RoomPack 3 “Mystic Spaces”
MIR 3D RoomPack 3 offers more than 4,200 impulse responses of exceptional churches for Vienna MIR Pro 3D. The outstanding acoustics of the “Steinhofkirche”, one of Vienna’s famous Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) landmarks as well as the Late Gothic pilgrimage church “Maria Strassengel“ provide the perfect ambience for epic, sacred or meditative compositions.

MIR 3D RoomPack 4 “The Sage Gateshead”
MIR 3D RoomPack 4 is dedicated to “The Sage Gateshead”, UK’s landmark building in the northeast of England. Its two large concert spaces and the Rock Foundation Hall (a smaller performance and rehearsal hall) have been captured with more than 14,000 impulse responses for Vienna MIR Pro 3D.

MIR 3D RoomPack 5 “Pernegg Monastery”
MIR 3D RoomPack 5 features the outstanding acoustics of the late gothic monastery church in Pernegg, Austria, that was built in the early 1500s. Nearly 5,000 impulse responses have been recorded from four different microphone positions, ready-to-use for Vienna MIR Pro 3D.

MIR 3D RoomPack 6 “Synchron Stage Vienna”
MIR 3D RoomPack 6 includes 6,000 Impulse Responses of our revitalized Synchron Stage Vienna. This 540 m2 (5,813 sq.ft.) scoring stage is large enough to accommodate a 130 piece orchestra and stands out with its excellent acoustics. Since its official opening in summer 2016, Synchron Stage Vienna hosted film music recordings for international clients and composers such as Hans Zimmer, Rupert Gregson-Williams, Lorne Balfe, Mychael Danna, Steven Price, Laura Karpman, Bear McCreary, John Paesano and countless others.

MIR 3D RoomPack 7 “Grosses Festspielhaus Salzburg”
MIR 3D RoomPack 7 captures this significant venue of the Salzburg Festival, one of the world’s most eminent festivals of music and drama, using an unprecedented amount of 6,400 impulse responses. The nearby Karl Böhm Hall serves not only as a foyer but also hosts all sorts of prestigious events. We like to refer to this magnificent hall as the world’s largest reverb chamber in 3D.


These RoomPacks contain room responses with augmented directional resolution, improving their spatial mapping in direction and depth. Our first-order measurements were augmented to third-order Ambisonics by Franz Zotter, Matthias Frank and Elias Hoffbauer (University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics) in 2022.

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