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Big Bang Orchestra: Eridanus
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  • Sky River
  • On the Rise
  • Ghost Mantis (with many special guests)
  • Showdown - BBO: Dorado and BBO: Eridanus
  • The Infernal Machine - BBO: Dorado and Eridanus
  • Dance of the Satellites
  • Take the challenge

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Big Bang Orchestra: Eridanus - Instruments

Left Position Mid Position Right Position
Main & Low Riffs
Big Taiko (Original, 36") Big Bass Drum (Kolberg) Big Concert Tom (Yamaha, 14")
Huge Taiko (Odaiko Simonsen, 53") Big Concert Tom (Yamaha, 16")
High Riffs
Small Concert Tom (Yamaha, 8") Stacked Cymbals (Zildjian, Sabian) Bongos (Meinl)
Snare Drum (Aural) Conga (Meinl)