On Stage with a Legend

In his live gigs Herbie Hancock uses Vienna Instruments Brass Instruments, and some woodwind instruments, mostly clarinet and flute. He also adds the occasional cello and harp. Vienna Ensemble PRO helps him to layer some instruments. Herbie also uses Vienna Instruments to do orchestrations at his studio.

Herbie Hancock enjoys the liveliness of Vienna Instruments. “Vienna Symphonic Library addresses a great variety of musicians, not only those that do orchestral sounds. All others don’t have to feel excluded. There are so many different sounds, synthetic, analog, whatever, but Vienna Instruments put that lively authenticity into your whole pallet of sounds.”

Herbie Hancock uses on stage (among other gear):
iMac with Logic and Vienna Instruments
Controllers: Korg OASYS, X50
Touch Screen for Program Changes


Herbie Hancock + Symphonic Cube
Herbie Hancock's setup at the Vienna Konzerthaus