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A Universe of Sound, from A to Z

  • Strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion and choir of the Synchron Stage Orchestra
  • Massive “tutti” recordings as well as individual ensembles and sections
  • Multiple microphone positions, additional close mic positions
  • Exceptional acoustics of the large Synchron Stage Vienna
  • Includes the free Big Bang Orchestra: Zodiac – Supermassive Ensembles

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This massive package comprises the entire universe of the Big Bang Orchestra editions, from Andromeda to Zodiac. From powerful tutti recordings to ethereal effects, from blasting brass sections to fragile woodwinds, from thunderous drums to angelic choirs – the Big Bang Orchestra Bundle provides you with an infinite treasure of orchestral sounds that lets your productions be as bold, nuanced, and sophisticated as you need, with little time and effort.

Played by the acclaimed musicians of the Synchron Stage Orchestra, recorded by Hollywood-proven engineers at Synchron Stage Vienna, and perfected by our expert team of library creators, this package truly excels in terms of sound quality, playability, versatility and realism.

The Vienna Synchron Player, our proprietary sample player, is the exclusive powerful engine for running hundreds of voices and multi-microphone recordings simultaneously. The internal mixer always delivers a perfect sound out-of-the-box, with masterfully crafted mixer presets that match across the entire series – from close to ambient, from natural to heavily processed, from stereo to surround and into immersive audio.

Pinar Toprak

A note on Big Bang Orchestra Bundle purchases and completions

Some Big Bang Orchestra libraries consist of samples exclusively taken from their “bigger brothers”, the large Collections of the Synchron Series. Here’s a list of these Synchron Series Collections and their Big Bang Orchestra counterparts that share the same samples:

Synchron Percussion I and II (Standard Libraries)
   and corresponding Sub-Collections
Big Bang Orchestra: Phoenix
Big Bang Orchestra: Quasar
Synchron Percussion III (Standard Library)
   and corresponding Sub-Collections
Big Bang Orchestra: Dorado
Big Bang Orchestra: Eridanus
Big Bang Orchestra: Fornax
Synchron FX Strings I (Standard Library) Big Bang Orchestra: Regulus
Synchron Strings Pro (Standard Library) Big Bang Orchestra: Tana
Big Bang Orchestra: Ursa
Big Bang Orchestra: Vega
Big Bang Orchestra: Wallia
Big Bang Orchestra: Xenia
Synchron Woodwinds (Standard Library) Big Bang Orchestra: Neptune
Big Bang Orchestra: Orion
Big Bang Orchestra: Solaris
Synchron Brass (Standard Library) Big Bang Orchestra: Hercules
Big Bang Orchestra: Izar
Big Bang Orchestra: Jupiter
Big Bang Orchestra: Kopernikus

So when you complete the Big Bang Orchestra Bundle, these Synchron Series Libraries, if registered to you, step in to act as registered parts of the BBO Bundle.

For example, if you have registered Synchron Strings Pro, and you’re getting the Big Bang Orchestra Bundle, you don’t have to pay for and you don’t get the licenses of the BBO libraries Tana, Ursa, Vega, Wallia and Xenia since you have the entire set of samples with Synchron Strings Pro. In your list of registered products, Synchron Strings Pro acts as a placeholder for its BBO counterparts, so you have a complete BBO Bundle and get BBO: Zodiac for free.

Download File Size 205.0 GB
Installed File Size 508.4 GB