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Expand Your Creative Universe!

We’ve recorded our entire Synchron Stage Orchestra (and certain sections, as well as choir) playing together – all at once, with multiple microphones. Capturing the sheer power of a massive orchestra with the signature acoustics of Synchron Stage Vienna’s Stage A was one of the most riveting sampling experiences we’ve ever had. Create large orchestrations in no time. Beef up your existing tracks by adding some massive tutti layers. Inject some inspiration into your composing process just by pressing a few notes and letting the huge sound work its magic. 

Latest Releases

Big Bang Orchestra: Regulus

Add production-ready elements and unique playing techniques to your tracks, from ethereal soundscapes to pulsating patterns and aggressive strikes! €135 (€195)
Combine anything with everything and select from nine categories of tonal and atonal textures, tensions, loops, clusters, risers, hits, and much more, played by a 50-piece string section. Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Solaris

Add two unique and superb woodwind ensembles to your arsenal €65 (€95)
The Low Winds section offers fundamental ultra-low articulations such as unison notes and clusters, the High Winds section performs a wealth of virtuosic runs and arpeggios. Never before was it so simple to have an entire woodwind section play vivid patterns, just by holding a single key. Details here

Pinar Toprak

Existing Packs

Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda

Explore a new galaxy with even more possibilities for your arrangements!  €130

This package provides the basic content of the free Big Bang Orchestra, recorded from scratch to achieve more sonic flexibility, along with many new articulations. Get a bigger bang for little bucks. Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Black Eye

Use his wide variety of musical elements for instant inspiration and super-quick arrangements.  €110

Effortlessly, quickly, and with a massive sound – welcome to Big Bang Orchestra: Black Eye! It expands our series with phrases and FX for modern effect-oriented composing, enabling you to create large-scale orchestrations from scratch. Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Capricorn

Capricorn features ready-to-use orchestral phrases for instant modern scoring.  €95

Select patterns from a large arsenal of 4-bar themes with driving rhythms and combine them to create super-quick orchestrations, from subdued tension patterns to angst-inducing marches and massive chase cues. Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Dorado

Energize your arrangements with the power and drive of six, twelve or even more perucssionists playing together! €95

Combine Monster Drums, Bass Drums, Thunder Toms, Snare Drum Ensemble, etc. with metal instruments such as cymbals, tam-tams, plate bells, anvil, triangle and more. Captivating sounds, from subtle volumes to striking fortissimos! Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Eridanus

This drums and percussion pack adds powerful, driving rhythmic patterns to your Big Bang Orchestra! €75
Combine, alternate or stack Main Riffs, Low Riffs, and High Riffs to your liking and create gigantic, mesmerizing percussion loops, played by an ensemble of accomplished percussionists at Synchron Stage Vienna. Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Fornax

These unique and exceptional combinations of instruments make for some pioneering sounds! €95

For this Pitched Percussion library we recorded our Steinway D-274, our Bösendorfer Imperial, and our Yamaha CFX all playing together with plate bells, tubular bells, gongs, drums and more to create truly epic sounds. Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Ganymede

Elevate your orchestral arrangements with glorious choirs! €160
Individual sections of soprano, alto, tenor and bass as well as several powerful tutti patches add human vibrancy, soul and glory to your Big Bang Orchestra. Arrange in no time with sustains, real legatos, swells, chords, clusters, shouts and many more articulations. Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Hercules

Beef up your orchestra with extra fortississimo layers for an extremely brassy and striking low end! €95
This ensemble of four bass trombones, one bass tuba, and one contrabass tuba delivers the low-end brass sound that has Hollywood clients return to Vienna for their next scoring sessions. Here’s Synchron Stage Vienna’s famous low brass players on top of their lungs! Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Izar

Add some dramatic dissonance to your low end! €85
Clusters have become a fixture in modern film scores, and this module packs various articulations and dynamic layers of semi-tone clusters performed by our Synchron Stage low brass ensemble into one breathtaking library. Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Jupiter

Add some instant glory to your orchestrations, harnessing the majestic power of six double French horns. €95
This library offers a full-fledged set of articulations such as real legatos, glissandos, swells, rips, flutter tonguing, trills and more with up to five velocity layers, from mysterious pianissimos to heroic fortissimos. Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Kopernikus

This ensemble of four Bb trumpets delivers stunning performances from velvety pianissimos to the brightest fortissimos. €95
This library makes it so simple to dial in the thrilling timbre of a trumpet ensemble you’re used to hearing in countless contemporary film scores for an out-of-the-box glorious  sound. Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Lyra

Here they are – three string sections of the Synchron Stage Orchestra in all their glory! €95
Big Bang Orchestra: Lyra offers the lush and rich string sound of 14 first violins and 12 second violins playing in unison, and 8 violas playing an octave below. Their captivating performances are perfect for those soaring melodies and prominent themes. Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Musca

The low string sections of the Synchron Stage Orchestra deliver a well-rounded foundation for the Big Bang Orchestra. €95

Recording six cellos and four basses playing together in octaves creates a homogenous, well-balanced sound, as the musicians adjust their timbre and phrasing instinctively with each other. Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Neptune

The large “tutti” ensemble of the entire woodwind section. €95

BBO: Neptune brings together 13 diverse instruments, from the piccolo to the contrabassoon, all playing together in unison and in octaves. The ensemble’s rich and colorful sound is perfectly balanced, an accomplishment by Vienna’s finest players. Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Orion

Four ensembles of flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons. €195
Each of the four ensembles consists of three musicians, playing together in unison. All ensembles include a wealth of articulations, with a special focus on the beautifully performed legatos that are available in two variations, regular and espressivo. Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Phoenix

This module offers a fine selection of pitched solo percussion instruments taken from Synchron Percussion I and Synchron Percussion II. €95
Instruments include timpani, glockenspiel, xylophone, vibraphone, tubular bells, plate bells, and Burma gongs. Details here

Big Bang Orchestra: Quasar

This module comprises a fine selection of unpitched drum and percussion instruments taken from Synchron Percussion I and Synchron Percussion II. €95
Instruments include bass drum, snare drum, 6 concert toms, 10 taikos, cymbals, tam-tams, tambourine, triangle, woodblocks, thundersheet and more.
Details here

Big Bang Orchestra

Get ready to go big and bold with our big "tutti" orchestra – for free!

Articulations include staccatos, sustains, marcatos, swells and runs – just what you need to create earth-shattering accents, awe-inspiring “braaahhms” and nerve-wracking tension cues. Details here

Ramin Djawadi